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Is This Thing Still Up?!?

Last December I didn’t pay my hosting site, for various reasons. So when I went back in May to revive it I discovered my domain names had been taken over. I revived my sites by changing the .coms to .orgs and vice-a-versa.

Recently I checked the IFWiki to see if David Welborn had updated my links and discovered that he had archived my site. Not necessarily a smart thing to do because I MAY add things to it. But, what the hey.

So I clicked other things on my IF Wiki page (Marnie Parker) and came up with this blog site. Honestly, I figured Word Press would have taken it down by now since I hadn’t updated it since 2007.

So maybe I will update this thing and keep it going. Or not.

I’ve deleted past non Iffy posts to keep it just Iffy (for now). So maybe I won’t update this page since IF has moved far beyond me with lots of younger and even younger people involved.

We shall see.


Checking In

I haven’t used word press for a long time. Yes, I am still around.