IF Comp 2007 – Another I Started (Deadline Enchanter)

…And Have Absolutely NO Desire to Finish.

Deadline Enchanter

I took an extreme dislike to this game. At first I though, great, another Infocom-type game. But the title appears to be arbitrary.

How to describe this? Well, first there are two voices. The normal PC voice, you do such and such and the room is such and such. AND the author’s voice, which is doing sort of interruptions or voice overs. That is very confusing to begin with, keeping track of two voices, but on top of that the author’s voice is sort of sneering and condescending. “I didn’t implement this, but I did implement that, don’t you feel flattered that I did?” Yeah, sure. BIG of you.

Luckily there is a book at the beginning that tells you about the first eight moves. Because there is no obvious goal at all, and the room descriptions are often obscure. And when I encounter a beast, the game says I can do these actions concerning it, yet the game recognizes none of the verbs.

There is a hint of a possible interesting fantasy world, Mundanes and Faux, but how can one even see that world past the author’s very intruding presence? His/her voice, in addition to being condescending, is seemingly cracking in jokes in jokes — in jokes so far in they are only funny in his/her own head. So the writing ends up almost incomprehensible, as if it was written while the author was stoned. And that is being charitable. Or maybe it’s just drivel — an attempt at post modern fantasy with pretentions of intellectualism, Iffy intellectualism.

There also is not much to do. So this is not a game, I don’t know what it is but it’s not a game.

With this piece, the author makes it very clear his/her ego is much more important than my playing experience. Ergo, this may be one game that I didn’t play much of that I will vote for.

Now isn’t that BIG of me?


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