IF Comp 2007

Just a short hi, after a long absence.

Been ill, nothing too serious as it turns out, but it means I was either very worried and/or very tired for about six weeks, a month and a half. This brought my work to the Quick Tour to a halt, which was annoying because I was close to finishing. Eric has been patient. Hopefully I can finish it up in the next two to three weeks and it will be out there for you guys to use. I think Eric has already released some of the demo games he developed for the Quick Tour (at my strong urging, want credit here, heh), so that should have helped.

I started playing the comp games, and luckily hit on a good one for my first one. Think the last time I really played the comp games was 2002. Although I may have played the top winners in a few of the following comps, frankly, I forget. I used to try every year to play MOST of the comp games and do reviews of MOST. Seems unbelievable now that I did that. This year I am aiming for only say eight to ten reviews.

I’d post them here except I haven’t written them yet, heh, and I never do my final scores until I have finished all the games I am going to play. Yes, sometimes I like to adjust one or two up or down slightly in light of the context of the whole comp, to where I thought they should come out.

So far I’ve played one almost very good game, a mystery, (it will probably win or come in the top three), one sort of medieval one that was promising and had some good humor but serious implementation problems and ended up crashing on me (though it did not crash on everyone), one short and totally silly one with repetitious actions, and one that was very well-done historical one but not that exciting and it had too many numbers in it. So deduce from that what you will.

I was going to go on how this comp may show I7 to be either a boon or bane, but, frankly, I haven’t played enough yet to make any judgments on that. And maybe no conclusions can be drawn, because there have been both well-written and poorly implemented games before.

 Watch this space, the Quick Tour will emerge in all its finalized glory someday. Heh.


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