Quick Tour – First Peek

(Note this article has been changed from first post.) 

Yes, you may now take a peek at the Quick Tour. It is about 3/4 done. In other words, the NPC stuff isn’t there yet, plus it needs some editing. The way Eric and I have done this is that he has sent me summaries of the classes, I have put them into HTML with revisions (my revisions to clarify them in my own mind), also asking him questions to clarify some things. Then when I am done he edits the page. We are now on second pass editing — redrafts being edited. I wrote the Using TADS 3 and The TADS 3 Language and Verbs & Action pages myself, but they have errors and I haven’t done Eric’s edits on those pages yet. There also need to be edits done on most of the other pages — second pass edits.

(When I say errors, I mean factual errors, so beware. I am often writing things incorrectly, because I am a T3 newbie and get things wrong. 🙂 That is part of why this is working, when I don’t understand something Eric can explain it to me. I figure anything I don’t “get” as a T3 newbie maybe someone else won’t “get.” So clarifying those areas, trying to put them into clear and complete enough language, though briefly, will help others as well.)

I am also going to rewrite the first page, right now it’s a tad too complicated. Okay, version 1.05 does not yet incorporate Eric’s edits for the How to Use and Verbs & Actions pages, so THEY HAVE ERRORS. When you see version 1.06, then How to and Verb errors will have been corrected. Version 1.07 will be when all second pass edits are done. Version 1.08 will likely be when the first page is rewritten, and 1.09 on will be when new things have been added. That the version numbering that I see occurring, roughly.

But, if you’ve bookmarked this blog, or are paying attention, you can take a peek at the TADS 3 Quick Tour now. I won’t be announcing this anywhere else.

Here is what I am wondering.

Do you think this would help you learn TADS 3? (Well, if you know it already do you think it would help someone learn TADS 3?)

And, if you are interested, some actual editing would be nice, such as finding typos, misspellings, and awkward sentences.

Also, if a T3 newbie, where mentally do you get lost? Page by page, where do you get lost? I’d like to target any unclear areas and clarify them.

Bear in mind what I said about errors, edits, and plans to rewrite the first page.

For the first two questions you can answer here.

For any edits, more discussion, and any points that you still find unclear (where you get lost), please email me.

I am very uncomfortable, right now anyway, with posting my email address here. However, go to the IF Art Show Gallery and email the curator. That will do it. 

The quick tour is at:


I should also say that the map is not progressively colored in yet, that some larger map graphics are going to be replaced, and at least one is going to be added.


3 Responses to “Quick Tour – First Peek”

  1. 1 kooneiform July 27, 2007 at 3:35 am

    I just skimmed through it and I’m impressed. The layout seems very beginner friendly. The one thing I found slightly confusing in my as-if-I-was a complete newbie perspective (I guess I’m only a partial newbie really) is that the first page introduction deals with Object oriented programming. This might not be necessary — for instance you could start instead with ‘Game Design and Terminology’ or ‘TADS 3 OO Programming’ which seems like a more basic introduction.

    And I hereby nominate a new TADS 3 mascot: the library monster. (does TADS 3 even have a mascot yet?)

    best, George

  2. 2 doeadeer July 28, 2007 at 1:36 am

    I had planned to rewrite the first page anyway. Inky covers OO pretty well, so I can now remove some stuff from the first page (originally we didn’t have his article).

    Thanks for looking.


  3. 3 kooneiform August 6, 2007 at 11:05 pm

    The QT is looking good, especially the new front page. Nice work.

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