T3: Game Writer’s Digest

Well, gang, it’s a go. I drafted some preliminary web pages, showed them to Eric Eve, using some of the draft material he sent me, and we have agreed to go forward. Lots and lots of details and mutual editing to work out. Be nice if it got up there right away, but it’s going to take time to make sure things are concise and clear.

Basically this will be a visual dummies guide to the T3 library (well, a little higher level than that, but not a great deal higher.) Something that can be read quickly, but will still cover most of the library in a very logical way. Sort of a prequel to other T3 material.

I foresee it not only being a T3 learning tool, but also a way for more experienced T3ers to remind themselves of just what is in the library. Decide which class/object they may want to use for a particular item in a particular game.

Eric and I think a lot a like about a lot of things, which is going to make this work. I am providing the context and putting HTML stuff together, Eric is providing the technical expertise and better writing J. A lot of clarification of the T3 library, in various ways, may grow out of this. Anyway, we seem to bounce ideas off each other well and it is proceeding forward.

Once there is a draft that both he and I are happy with, I may share the link here. Share it here long before it is officially released. Because the initial pages will only be part of the library — it is going to get added onto as it goes and grows. But early feedback might be helpful and telling.

Not totally decided on this yet, but watch this space. Rather excited about this project. From b.. complaining and all that, I’ve gone to helping. I think people will really like it. And, yes, Virginia, I think it will help a lot of people learn T3 easier and quicker. 


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