T3: TMI & In the Dumps


In the T3 dumps, and people assume it’s because the library is large and complex. Well, that is part of it, but mainly it is because there is too much information. I’d like just a brief overview of what is even IN the library, classes/subclasses and their basic properties, methods, strings/message setups, and actions that can be performed on them. All with short explanations. Something really brief. Something that gets me an overview what is even THERE that I might want to use in coding.

The Tour Guide goes into great detail, which, sure, is useable for looking things up later — it makes a great how-to-do-it-look-up-reference. A map gives a rough overview, the Reference Manual is useable for looking things up, but really ONLY ONCE YOU KNOW those particular things are there to be looked up in the first place (it also has no real organization of grouping like classes like the Tour Guide does, which is nice). But nothing but nothing gives a brief overview. This really, really raises the learning curve and I find it a major oversight. I also find it extremely frustrating.

It also means that learning T3 is much, much tougher than it really needs to be.

Yeah, I was going to do one. I was going to call it “Game Writer’s Digest to the T3 Library.” Only, to be truthful right now it would take me too long, because I’d have to dig out the relevant material from too many sources:  the Tour Guide, the Reference Manual (because it doesn’t show templates and the Guide does so it’s not that easy to correlate the two), the Templates Quick Reference and so on. Also because I don’t know T3 that well yet. Although I feel I could do it. I feel I could even start a section now, the first section with the easier rooms and connectors, following the basic organization of the Tour Guide (Eric and I had discussed this). But I simply do not have the time right now. There are other things, real-life things, that I really need to be doing.

So the thing I mentioned before to cut down on the learning curve is not going to happen. At least not now, maybe later. Sorry. I wish I had more time. I really do. Or maybe SOMEONE ELSE will do it. Because it needs truly to be done. It truly does. 


2 Responses to “T3: TMI & In the Dumps”

  1. 1 kooneiform June 30, 2007 at 4:14 am

    Well Marni (it is Marni, right?) I feel like I’ve been getting a lot of valuable stuff just from reading about your attempts to learn T3. Maybe you could share something of the direction you were trying to go in with shortening the T3 learning curve?

    thanks, George

  2. 2 doeadeer June 30, 2007 at 5:31 am

    Well, good to hear it, that was the idea.
    Actually, I have explained the concept to Eric Eve and it may happen after all. A sort of Digest of the Library, listing of classes with a brief explanation for each. Nothing like that actually exists yet, and it could really lower people’s learning curves. Digging the same material out of the Reference Manual could take serious time. A shortcut, in other words.
    But it is a bit premature to announce it yet, so I am going to hold off. Right now Eric has sent me some draft stuff and I am mocking up some web pages. But keep your fingers crossed, because I think this could be a very valuable resource. And, yeah, I am now too busy to be down in the dumps, I also like the idea of clarifying things — for others AND myself :-).

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