IF in General: Carping

I suppose it does seem like I am carping.

“Hey, what do you want? These guys are doing this for free!” Referring, naturally, to Graham and Mike. Who have both put years in on upgrading Inform and TADS. And FOR FREE. Out of the love of Interactive Fiction, or the desire to see a better system, or to please the community, or the challenge, or something. Or all of the above.

And I realize I am a small subset of the IF Community, a dyslexic. I only know of two more, we are probably under 10% of the IF Community, maybe 5%, maybe even a lower percentage. This relates to I7 — which requires strict construction of English sentences. I7 wasn’t written for dyslexics and foreign language speakers.

But here are two neat new systems — I7 and T3 and both are marred, and/or not accessible to all. Or not accessible enough to enough. One by the syntax (without a readily apparent logic), and one by not having a good tutorial manual. It just seems such a crying shame. 

I am, however, well aware how much they have put into it and FOR FREE.

Maybe that’s just my role right now, to be a gadfly and to carp. (Hmmm, some other analogy would have made more sense here.) And, of course, I am doing this on a blog, so the distribution of my reactions is small.

Or maybe it’s my absence and returning to IF and seeing things from a fresh perspective because of my absence. Whatever, more on both later.


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