Printing the T3 Manuals

It looks like the System Manual is as necessary as the Technical Manual (see “Learning T3” post), but I will review it later. However, both are all in html which can be a major pain to print out. Sit there and, ho hum, print page by page.

However, there is Firefox, right? Multiple tabs. And, yay, an extension that will print all open tabs. Be sure to download the latest Firefox though, as the extension does not seem to work with older versions.

After downloading the extension, “Universal Print,” and installing it, right click on the link you want to open in a separate tab. By repeatedly doing that for each subsequent link (it helps that each page of the Technical Manual has a link at the top to the next page), you can open the whole manual in tabs to print it all at once. Me, being a bit of an old fuddy duddy and still suspicious of all these neat new things, I am doing it ten pages at a time. 

 Nifty — I am printing the manual right now. Works just fine.


1 Response to “Printing the T3 Manuals”

  1. 1 dgarciaroger June 19, 2007 at 7:47 am

    Ouch! Printing the Inform 7 Documentation [] is no better. In addition to HTML issues, previously one has to click in every included example in order to display it–and there are hundreds of them.

    We must claim the right to print PDF manuals. 🙂

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